Carbon Market

Individuals and corporations globally acknowledge the significance of reducing greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, yet eliminating their carbon footprint independently remains challenging. This is where voluntary carbon markets play a crucial role.

Integral to both national and international trading schemes aimed at combating global warming, carbon credits allow the emission of one metric ton of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases. In these markets, individuals and corporations can offset their emissions by investing in projects that either avoid or reduce emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere. 

How Carbon Credits Works ?

Carbon credits aim to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Each credit signifies the permission to release gases equivalent to one ton of CO2. The objective is to diminish credits over time, encouraging companies to adopt inventive strategies for emission reduction. 

To offset unavoidable emissions, businesses and individuals can purchase carbon credits from certified projects supporting community development, preserving ecosystems, or implementing efficient emission-reducing technologies. 

Role We Played So Far ? 

At Appnetwise, we spearheaded a groundbreaking project to construct a state-of-the-art Carbon Credits Trading Platform, showcasing our expertise in building robust, highly scalable, and feature-rich solutions for carbon credit trading. 

The resulting platform boasts a bank-grade secure application utilizing blockchain technology and cloud-native architecture, specifically tailored for seamless carbon credits trading.

Our decentralized platform, built with microservices and cloud-native architecture, employs API-led connectivity and Kafka messaging for real-time capabilities, ensuring swift and secure communication between components. To fortify against unauthorized access, we integrated robust identity and access management with a zero-trust approach, ensuring that only authorized users can engage with the platform. Ensuring utmost security and reliability, we implemented DevOps and Dev SecOps shift left practices throughout the project lifecycle, enhancing collaboration, automation, and security in development and operations. 

Our team's automation efforts spanned development and deployment workflows, including pipelines, functional and nonfunctional tests, and gating. This not only accelerated development but also minimized errors, ensuring amore efficient and reliable outcome. 

In summary, Appnetwise's expertise in carbon markets is demonstrated through the development of a sophisticated, bank-grade secure application underpinned by blockchain. The integration with key players in the carbon market, coupled with DevOps and Dev SecOps practices, QA automation techniques, Kafka messaging, and advanced identity and access management, collectively contributes to a powerful and efficient Carbon Credits Trading Platform. 

Carbon Credit Trading Platform 

Our platform seamlessly integrates carbon credit trading with Codefi in a secure microservices architecture, delivering cloud-native functionality. It ensures bank-grade security, meeting stringent standards for data protection and compliance.
codefiCloud nativeMicroservicesBank grade secure platform
Our tech stack comprises cutting-edge technologies and powerful tools, allowing our team to expertly build and maintain our sophisticated infrastructure efficiently.
Node.jsnestjsreactTypescriptcosmos dbpostgresqlrediskafkahyperledger besuciAm (auth0)API-led architecture
We ensure quality through automated testing (Postman for API, Selenium for UI, JMeter for performance) and fully automated CI/CD using GitOps, emphasizing an all-code approach and stringent gating.
postmanseleniumJmetergitopsci / cddevopsall code approach