Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is the biggest business enabler for Digital Transformation. Discussion of deploying technology in an agile enterprise would not be complete without mentioning cloud infrastructure—public, private, or hybrid.

Cloud infrastructure allows companies to obtain computing and storage capacity on demand, skip bureaucratic procedures and spend seconds provisioning an environment instead of waiting for weeks.

Our work is always driven by client needs, for which reason we are vendor neutral. This means we can deliver value for clients by leveraging best-in-class vendor products and services to always make a positive impact.

The cost of legacy systems is astonishing; enterprises spend millions just to keep their systems working. Only a move to the cloud and new technology can solve these problems.

What we do

Cloud Strategy

We design a strategy to navigate the landscape of cloud solutions, platforms and tooling, assessing how and where to adopt them to drive value. Depending on the needs we help with the right cloud services - IaaS, FaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Cloud approach - Single, Multi, Hybrid.

Cloud Readiness Assesment

We determine the current readiness across the organisation's IT landscape, provide guidance on the right migration path, and define subsequent steps to cloud adoption - Re-host to Re-build.

Cloud Build & Migration

Accelerating and de-risking Landing Zone deployments lay a solid foundation for a successful cloud program. Large-scale mass migration including lift and shift and re-architecture approaches using a value-driven approach. We Re-host, Re-build, Re-write to cloud with minimal business disruption.

Cloud... Private | Public | Hybrid

With our experience of implementing cloud Native solutions, we help in modernising current or creating new cloud-native applications.

We empower clients in cloud-first thinking and  help in the design and build of solutions using cloud-agnostic tools.
Our multi Cloud capabilities and expertise guide your cloud adoption journey, from planning to migration and build, with minimal business disruption, and help leverage the best  cloud  services specific to requirements.